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Brief Introduction to Electronic and Information Engineering

Soochow Science and Technology Institute of Electronic and Information Engineering was established in July 2007, is located four undergraduate majors: Electronic and Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Communication Engineering; there are also admissions of Electronics and Information Engineering (of things), Computer Science and Technology (software), computer science and technology (engineering) and other professional direction, the total number of 1,800 students in the school. School consists of six teaching units, two engineering centers and two research institutes, experimental electronic information center which is the provincial center of demonstration experiments.The college has a staff of 100 people, including 9 full professors, associate professors 25; lecturers, 36; including senior engineers, engineers, 19 engineers and technicians. 70 professional teachers, master degree or above accounted for 70%, of which Dr 16. Senior title in 45 years of age accounted for 60%, intermediate grade, 35 years of age accounted for 50%. 6 teachers with professional learning and work experience abroad, 4 were employed as the Ministry of Construction Building Environment and Equipment Engineering Steering Committee for Intelligent Building Committee, vice chairman of the Institute of Electronics, Suzhou City, Suzhou City, vice chairman of the Computer Society, Higher Education Society of Instrument Science and Control Technical Committee members, two middle-aged man provincial blue engineering academic leaders, a human expert and a member of Suzhou, Suzhou City, won the 1 model workers each year, an outstanding member of the title of the school teachers were. It has formed a solid basis, reasonable structure, young and capable teachers.
College teachers cover the electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering disciplines. Institute of the Construction of the core of the work carried out, the foundation and currently has more than 40 specialized laboratories. It has been formed to guide waves (optical) optoelectronic devices and systems, embedded technology, MEMS-based sensors and packaging technology, intelligent control technology, optical measurement techniques, design of integrated circuits featuring several research directions. And fiber optic sensor array signal demodulation; MEMS sensor simulation software development, gyroscope vacuum packaging, wafer level bonding package; high sensitivity and high frame rate CMOS low light level camera imaging technology and engineering has made a series of studies results. In past 3 years, Electronics and Information Engineering faculty published more than 200 papers, books and teaching materials 16, one of them won the Jiangsu Province quality materials, to obtain a Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. Completed 15 research and teaching projects, research results have been used 6, 4 patents by the Science and Technology Progress Award and the Award. Vertical and horizontal research projects are taking 14, 19 applications and granted patents.
College firmly grasp the characteristics of the national base that Soochow Institute of IT industry, deepen the school with the domestic and foreign universities and academic exchanges, and Ireland Waterford Institute of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, USA, University of Michigan, Aichi, Japan, the cooperation of schools and large work in progress. Electronic Institute in research and training for social services are based on local talent, has been solid in Taiwan, Wei Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province, Institute of Electrical and excellent health (U-com) Group Co., Ltd., China Games (East) Lab, Jiang Su Yongding Group, Kunshan IVO and many other large IT companies to establish a practice bases. Good conditions and excellent geographical advantages of the high-quality information on training class talent, the last 3 years have nearly a hundred students to obtain graduate students, more than 90 students took part in the national and the various competitions held in Jiangsu Province, received more than 60 people, including first prize in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the provincial Electronic Design Competition Award, the National Challenge Cup, the provincial computer network including a number of competition awards.


Teaching unit of Electronic Institute:

  1. Electronics and Information Engineering

  2. Department of Electronic Science and Technology

  3. Computer Science and Engineering

  4. Department of Computer Teaching

  5. Electronics and Information Experiment Center

  6. Experimental Center of Basic Computer


Engineering Center:

  1. Soochow, Jiangsu Province, solar and wind power generation equipment, testing of public technology service center

  2. Soochow Intelligent Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center

Two research institutes:

  1. Network Information Engineering

  2. Modern Electronics Technology Institute