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Dong Xingfa:

 Prof. Dr., Dean of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, the provincial blue engineering training targets middle-aged academic leaders, Suzhou Institute of Electronics, vice president, members of expert advisory panels in Suzhou, Suzhou City, the twelfth member of the CPPCC. Courses: digital electronic technology, photonics technology, optical display and drive technology
Courses: digital electronic technology, photonics technology, optical display and drive technology
Research Interests: guided wave (fiber) and application of optoelectronic devices
Microelectronics, Nankai University in 1985, graduated with a bachelor degree, 1988, 2005, Graduate Institute of Modern Optics, Nankai University, received master's and doctoral degrees. March 2010 to September 2010, at the University of Michigan, Department of Electronics and Computer access to research. March 2010 to September 2010, at the University of Michigan, Department of Electronics and Computer access to research. In recent years, mainly engaged in fiber optic technology and its optoelectronic sensing and communication in the field of applied research, more than 30 articles published in high-level article, including more than 10 papers have been SCI, EI retrieval. Completed the auspices of the Ministry of Construction Projects and the Provincial Department of Education Fund for Nature project, each with one, as the main participants completed 863 plan, 973 plan, the National Natural Science Foundation and the Tianjin Key Fund and other projects. Invention, utility model patents a total of five, by the Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, Department of Education Teaching Award, Outstanding Paper Award in Suzhou City, a number on several occasions in OECC, ICOCN oral report of the meeting. Mainly responsible for the present as the host of Optoelectronic Information Technical Science, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory Project, the provincial college "blue engineering" project young academic leaders, the provincial universities and a number of industrial projects horizontal projects. At the same time double-clad fiber-based photonic devices and thermal efficiency of the project won the Jiangsu provincial government scholarship to support integration and optoelectronic photonic integration A12 direction outside the focus of collaborative research. Suzhou Electric Apparatus Research Institute to promote cooperation, build [Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, solar and wind power generation equipment testing public technical service center], supporting disciplines, professional construction and electronic information research cooperation.

Bai Yun:

July 1959 Health, Master, Professor. 1982 to the present, engaged in a long time in university teaching, research and management. Courses: Programming languages, computer-aided design, software engineering, compiler theory and so on. Research direction: computer applications, computer-aided design, incremental software development environment. Provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects undertaken and completed four, third prize a provincial level, more than 20 academic papers published in high-quality, EI, ISTP retrieve papers more than 10 articles, building two quality courses in Jiangsu Province, publishing high-quality materials 10, was teaching a fine of Jiangsu Province, a national planning materials. Has participated in the city hall, provincial research project review, appraisal, advisory work.

Xiao Jinqiu:

Born in 1963.6, Jiangsu Taicang, Master of Engineering, Senior Engineer (97.10), Professor (2006.7).1984.7 graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology (Southeast University) Department of Radio Engineering Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Professional; 1984.8-1988.8 Fifth Ministry of Information Industry, Guangzhou Institute of Electronics (China CEPREI laboratory) work; 1991.4 graduate graduated from Southeast University ( Nanjing Institute of Technology) Department of Radio Engineering signal circuit and system expertise;1991.4-1993.10 Suzhou Institute of Development and application of computer work (which 1991.4-1992.9 Precision Instruments, Shanghai Jiaotong University in the Torch Plan projects in development work); 1993.11-2000.4 Thermal Power Industry Research Institute, Suzhou work; 2000.5-date technology in Suzhou Institute of Electronic and Information Engineering work, vice president, Suzhou Science and Technology Institute of Modern Electronics (2003), Suzhou Intelligent Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center (2009).
Research interests: intelligent instruments and automatic detection system
pleted the auspices of National Key Torch Program (MOST No.9323203014) 1 item; directed and completed the project five provincial and ministerial level. By the Ministry of Power Industry Science and Technology Progress Award 1 (1998.2, 1st leader), Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award 1 (1998.12, 1st leader). Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of advanced scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship staff person (Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province in November 2008)
3 have been authorized patents (including 1 for 1st leader), the current applications for invention patents 3 (already open, as 1st leader); authorized utility model patents 5 (including 3 for 1st leader);
Section 1 of the core journals published at home and abroad more than 20 "Circuits and Systems, Electronic Measurement and Instrument, computer engineering, sensors and micro systems; be Ei Search 4";
editor published in "single chip Principle and Interface Technology," a book (2004.12 Tsinghua University Press, 2011 has been the 7th printing, distribution 1,8000 volumes), was named the 2007 colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province Appraising teaching quality (I class) ; access to Higher Education Teaching Award, Jiangsu Province, the second prize of 1 (2007.12, 1st leader).
Research work has been carried out (has been engaged in intelligence research and development of instrumentation products):
1.Research and development of intelligent instrumentation (automotive electronic detection systems, testing equipment, power lines, dust particle detection equipment, etc.);
2.Environmental monitoring data collection, transmission and data processing technology research (1 activated sludge SV, SVI, SDI, MLSS multi-parameter automatic monitoring system; 2, the city water supply network peripheral node line remote automatic monitoring system; 3 urban and rural environment Development of automatic monitoring network system);
Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of advanced scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship staff person (November 2008 Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province)
High-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province Review Panel members (2008,2009 high-performance intelligent instrument group)
Education Department of Jiangsu Province "project blue" academic leaders (February 2009)
Society of Instrument Science and Higher Education Control Technical Committee Member (2006)
Jiangsu National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest Match Review Panel members (2006 - 2010)
Jiangsu Province, graduated from college Excellent Design Review Panel members (2007,2010)
Suzhou Science and Technology Management Advisory Group members (2008-2010 new intelligent instrument group)
Suzhou High young professional and technical personnel (2002-2007)
Hohai University, intelligent measurement and control circuits and systems research disciplines Master Instructor (2010)

Fu Baochuan:

March 1964 Born in Gongyi City, Henan Province, Ph.D., Professor. July 1986 graduated from Henan University of automatic control of a professional bachelor's degree; in May 1990 received Harbin University of Science Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation professional engineering degree; March 2008 received Control Theory and Control Engineering, Tongji University professional doctorate in engineering. Office of Academic Affairs is currently Deputy Director of Technology of Suzhou, Suzhou Science and Technology Network Information Technology Research Institute, National College of Electrical and intelligent professional guidance Building Committee, vice chairman of Suzhou Computer Society, senior member of China Computer Federation, China Electronics Institute senior member, "Suzhou Science and Technology University" (Engineering and Technology) Editorial Board.

Research interests include network control, intelligent detection. Participated in and completed 863 projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education, 4 key research projects, and participated in Ministry of Construction Science and Technology Project of Jiangsu Province Universities Natural Science research projects, scientific and technological projects in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Reform Project projects, scientific and technological project of Henan Province, Henan Province Natural Science Foundation of China, Suzhou science and technology projects more than 10 items. Commitment is hosted and participated in the industrialization of Jiangsu Province Scientific Research Project, Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Program, Ministry of Construction Technology Program, Higher Education Reform in Jiangsu Province key projects, planning projects in Jiangsu Province Institute of Higher Education and other five. Research papers published in academic and teaching 50; editor of two textbooks, organized the compilation of a series of intelligent building (4); 6 national patent applications, of which 3 have been authorized patents. Both the Ministry of Finance to build laboratory presided over the completion of special projects, participate in experiments done at the provincial level demonstration of electronic information center. Science and Technology of Henan Province Electric Power Bureau received awards, Henan Province Department of Education Technology Award, Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards, twice won the Outstanding Undergraduate Jiangsu Province, graduated from the design team teachers, Suzhou City in the new century advanced young professional and technical personnel and the honorary title . 

Ren Jianping:

born in April 1963

Title: Professor, supervisor of master students   Degree: Doctor of Technical Science

Discipline Direction: Computer Application Technology, Information System Management

Main Course: C Language Program Design, Framework Development Based on .NET, Web Program Design Based on .NET, Data Structure, Artificial Intelligence, Network and Database, etc.

Main Accomplishments: Since 1985 with the start of university teaching and scientific research, six province department level projects have been chaired, such as province natural fund projects, province key programs, province college natural fund projects, etc, eight various cross-cutting projects have been in charge, five various levels scientific research have been participated in. One National Teaching Achievement second class, two Province Level Scientific and Technological Progress Award second class, one Province Level Teaching Achievement second class, one Department Level Scientific and Technological Progress third class have been awarded. Three textbooks have been edited as editor in chief, and two textbooks as participator in bookmaking. More than 40 academic theses have been published, with six included in EI, and five included in ISTP.

Du Fangxun:

Researcher level senior engineer, Researcher, Professor

Lectures curriculum:  Photoelectricity display and drive technology, circuit analysis, numeral electronic technology, automatic control principle, signal and system, intelligent instrument

Research direction:  Photoelectricity display and drive technology, sensor and intelligent instrument

Main achievement:   Mainly is engaged in the sensor and the intelligent instrument measuring appliance aspect research work, publishes paper 20 in the domestic and foreign important periodicals, in which 10 by SCI, EI, the ISTP including; The management completes original Ministry of Textile Industry science and technology project one item; Participation completes original ministry of construction project one item; Obtains the invention and the practical new patent 5 items. 

Prize situation:   Attains original Ministry of Textile Industry advance in science and technology the third prize one item (1/5); Attains Suzhou advance in science and technology the second prize one item (2/7); Instructs the student to participate in the electronic design and mathematics modelling competition and attains the national first award one item (Zhu Hongjie); the national second prize one item (Chen Jinghua); the national third prize one item (Zhou Hao); Province first award four items; Province second prize seven items; Attains Excellent Instructe Teacher of National University Student Electron Design Competition; Attains Good Teacher in My Mind in SUST.

Wang Jian:

WANG Jian(1956-), Bacheler of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Master of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Visiting Scholar to University of Glamorgen.
Main Lectures:
Technology of Sensors/Transducers and Their Applications; Technology and Application of Robots; Design Technology of Digital System
Science Research Directions:
(1) Path planning and navigation of mobile robots; (2) Intellegent information processing
Direction 1: Seveal theoritical and practical valuable research achievements in complete coverage, target searching, and path second optimization.
“Behavior-Feature-Based Dynamic Variant Step-Size Algorithm” of mobile robotic search for signal source;
Improved method of complete coverage in multi-barier region “Walking in Barier-free Sub-region ---- Long Edge Start and Inner Spiral Path”, “Sub-region Deviding ---- Inner Spiral Based Global Optimizatized Minumum Height Sum” and “Walking Ordering ---- Artifitial Nural Network Based Cohesion among Sub-regions”;
“Bionics Based Method for Robotic Second Path Planning Under Guidance of Target Signal Source”;
Invention patent of “Real-Measuring-Values-Based Search Method of Odor Source for Mobile Robot” (sole inventor) in public summons;
17 first-author research papers published in this direction, where 8 in core journals.
Direction 2: Some theoritical research and exploration experiments work in the fields of intelligent in formation and signal processing. Several Forward-looking and preliminary.
Proof of “Equality Relation between Signal Acquisition/Reconstruction and Controllability/Observability of System”;
Verification of “Quantitative Relation between CPU Usage and Chip’s Temperature --- One Order System” by experiment;
Proposal and proof of “In-CPU-Chip Thermal Sensor Based on Thermal Effect of Transistor Collector Current”;
Proposal and proof of “Sensor-pairs Layouts on Inflection Point Circle of In-chip Temperature”;
Invention patent of “CPU Usage-aware Operating System Strategy” (1st inventor) in public summons;
Invention patent of “Semiconductor Cooling with the Functions of Measuring 3D In-chip Temperature Field” (1st inventor) in application;
5 first-author research papers published in this direction, where 2 in core journals, and 3 Ei indexed.
Teaching Research Specialities:
(1) Joining teaching of therory and practice on the lecture of Technology of Sensors and Transducers and Their Applications; (2) The research and practice of bilingual teaching of specialized courses
Speciality 1:
Proposal and execution of organization mode for experiment teaching “Mimic Products Development in Market through Whole Process and by Multiple Roles”;
Proposal and execution of “Examination System and Scoring Standards for Experiment Teaching ---- Going Through Whole Process, Facing to All Directions, Including Multiple Qualities”;
Proposal and trial implementation of scheme and mode of transducers “DIY Experiment Equipment ---- from Creation, Design, Purchse, Fabrication, to Adjust and Calibration, Doing Remote Experiment through Internet ---- Including Writing Programs, Installing Softwares, Configuring Algorithms, to Supervising and Controlling”;
Practical new-type patent “Internet Based Remote Experiment Equipment of CPU Temperature Measuring and Control”(sole inventor) authorised;
4 first-author research papers published in this direction, where 1 in core journals, and 1 Ei indexed.
Speciality 2:
Published textbook of VHDL and Digital Circuit Design for the course of Digital System Design (first author);
Visiting scholar to University of Glamorgan, UK.
Forturing Students:
Graduation design group (as leader tutor) awarded “Jiangsu Province University and College Students Graduation Design Ecellent Group”;
Guiding students writing and publishing science papers (3 as first author, 3 as non-first author);
Guiding students on “Jiangsu Province University and College Students’ Training Project of Practice and Creation”.